Elliot Cooper sealing the deal

Elliot Cooper is a supporting character played by Jason Wright. Elliot is Holly's boyfriend in the movie, and his inability to commit steadfastly to the relationship is a major plot point.

Troll 2Edit

In Troll 2 Elliot mostly acts within the role of the typical boyfriend archetype. He is crass, irresponsible, and tries desperately to make love to the female protagonist, Holly Waits. Also of note is his apparent inability to function without his close friends, or "boys" present, even to the point where they must tag along with him on vacation, whilst he steadfastdly lies, assuring them that the Town of Nilbog is ripe with young, attractive girls. This apparent homoerotic undertone is prevalent throughout the series, and is not without comment from the many fans of the film.

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References in Pipular CultureEdit

  • On Metallica's Kill 'Em All, track 16 is titled Elliot Coopers Revenge

Trivia! Edit

  • Shares a bed in an RV with 4 men.
  • Has tiny little nuts, that are in danger of being cut off and eaten by Holly's dad.
  • Has crazy Eyebrows.
  • Is that playboy son of the Coopers!
  • Doesn't understand that rule: When you have a girlfriend, you aren't allowed to have friends. Holly follows this rule. She spends her nights working out, while being admired by her mother (Her only friend),
  • Is sure Nilbog has a bunch of single, unattached girls.
  • Likes to try to sneak into little boy's windows.
  • Forgets about his friends, and goes home.
  • Believes that trolls are humans, willing to sit down and have a nice conversation.