Goblins are a race of evil creatures, similar to Trolls. A community of them lives in Nilbog, where they lure in Humans, convert them into plants, and eat them. The Goblins also have shapeshifting powers, being able to take on human form at will. They use a strange green concoction to transform the humans. (Troll 2)

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A Goblin, in his true form.


Age of FairiesEdit


Goblins (left), depicted in Eunice St. Clair's book, along with Trolls (right) and Fairies (above).

The Goblins were amongst the races of Fairy creatures that existed in the Age of Fairies. There existed a balance between them in their fairy world, along with Trolls and other creatures, and Humans. However, Torok sought to challenge the balance and started a war, which the humans won. (Troll)

During this era, Peter, a brave boy, encountered Goblins on a journey through a forest. They persued him, and when he tripped and fell unconscious, one of them took on human form and seduced him into eating their green concoction, which turned him into a half man, half Plant. They then proceeded to eat him. (Troll 2)

Modern DayEdit

The Goblins live in the village of Nilbog, where they pose as humans and lure in unsuspecting victims. These goblins were ruled by the Goblin Queen, until she was killed. (Troll 2)