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Wendy Anne Potter is the sister of Harry Potter Jr and the daughter of Harry Potter Sr. Shortly after her family moved to a new apartment building in San Francisco, she met Torok the Troll and was replaced by him. However, she was not killed, but kept in a kind of stasis. Torok intended her to become the Queen of the Fairies after he converted the building into a fairy world.

Torok infiltrated the Potter Family, using Wendy's form. They noted that her behavior was unusual, however. She also entered the apartments of their neighbors, turning each person into a part of her the fairy world.

Wendy trapped

Harry finds Wendy imprisoned in the fairy world.

However, her brother Harry, armed by Eunice St. Clair, entered the fairy world and found her in a magical glass case. He released her, and was soon attacked by a monster. The monster tried to kill Wendy, but Torok intervened, destroying his own monster to save her. This effectively defeated Torok. (Troll)